Best lighting designs for your beautiful abode

Optimum lighting is not optional, it is a necessity. When people start with planning the lighting layout of their home, they mostly focus on the aesthetic part rather than the functionality. And that may have a bigger impact in the longer run. It is very important to go about your lighting layout very thoughtfully. 

Even efficient and effective lighting designs can add a distinct flair to your living space unlike you would imagine. Now, you don’t have to sweat it out as we explain to you how each lighting design would bring its own touch of elegance and functionality to your fabulous home. 

1. Chandelier: A chandelier stands out from all the other lighting designs quite effortlessly and for a reason. Chandeliers have a distinct charm and they can become a focal point in your decor with ease. These lighting fixtures not only set the tone of the space but also balance out the lighting in your home. There are many ways you can incorporate this design into your home, but a living room crystal chandelier would just be out of his world. 

2. Pendant lights: Pendant lights can be amazing focal points but this overhead lighting design comes with an exceptional functionality quotient. A pendant light not only adds to the theme of your space but also lends that intense light to carry out your tasks effortlessly.

3. Wall lights: Wall lights sprung back into the spotlight recently and they have always proved to be a worthy addition to decor because of their extraordinary technique of accentuating the ambience of your interior quite effortlessly. 

4. Table lamps: The key to decorating your space is not forgetting the ambience. The ambience of your space makes or breaks your decor and there’s no other lighting fixture like table lamps that can lend subtle yet efficient soft lighting to your home. 

5. Ceiling Lights: Is space being a constraint in decorating your space with the lighting designs you like? Go for a ceiling light. Ceiling light not only creates a stunning focal point in the space but also lights up every nook and cranny of your home. 

6. Designer fans: Multifunctional designs are the new fad in the design space and there’s nothing more elegant and versatile than a stunning designer fan. And you have multiple options you can go for including chandelier fans, wooden fans, and LED fans or you can go with rustic and vintage-looking designs too. 

7. Floor lamps: Floor lamps are equally good if not better than table lamps when it comes to setting your ambience right. It’s just that floor lamps take up a little more space than table lamps. You can very well buy floor lamps for your space because their functionality quotient is relatively higher than other designs.

8. Outdoor lights: Outdoor lighting is one of the most ignored elements when it comes to home lighting. You need to give equal attention to your outdoors and add warmth to the space. The best lighting fixtures for this purpose are wall lights, garden bollards, gate lights and designs that can highlight the design elements of your home. 

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